5 lessons I learned from the women at Riga Comm

When it comes to all the things tech and business-related, you can consider me a 100% newbie. However, I’d like to point out that I’m very eager to learn. So, to please my curiousness (and support my boss during her presentation) I went to search for some lessons at my first tech-related event – the eighth Baltic business technology fair and conference Riga Comm.

As it happens, Riga Comm is the place where all things hot and relevant in business and tech are discussed by several experts and opinion leaders who were ready to share their insights about:

  • How you can experiment to upgrade your company’s content marketing game with a small budget
  • What characterizes the perfect workplace in the future
  • How can you take your career in tech to new heights
  • And many other subjects

My first impressions by entering the exhibition hall were – wow, there are a lot of people here. And then I asked myself – why am I surprised? By every year the visitor count is growing, and this year it reached almost five thousand people.

However, my main object of interest was the “Women in tech” conference. As a woman who can be considered as a beginner in tech, I wanted to get some extra inspiration and knowledge from the ladies who know their shit around this subject. 

Therefore, I went to get my free and veeery strong coffee and I was ready for all the unknown secrets of business and tech from the most successful ladies in the field to be revealed.

And surprisingly, at the end of the day, I learned a lot of things. And not all of them were related to the conference’s defined topics.

#1: If you want to sell internationally you need content marketing

One of the statements that caught my attention was from Julia Gifford, co-founder of TrueSix (aka my boss). In her presentation about content marketing experiments to use when you’re on a small budget she said that – if your company wants to reach international customers, you have to use content marketing to make it work.

Why so?  Because companies in our region usually don’t have direct access to foreign investors and media outlets. However, content marketing can help you to put your company on their radar. Julia also mentioned the tactics you can use to achieve these results:

  • Blog articles
  • Case studies
  • Retargeting, and many more.

And if you feel that your company needs to use the magic of content marketing, know where to find the right writing forces to help (hint – it’s us!). 

Bonus: if you’re left wanting more, you can learn more about content marketing, and specifically business blogging, you can check out our blogging courses.

#2: Nowadays people are looking for more than a good salary when it comes to searching for a job

This lesson from Alina Dolmate, Head of Workplace Strategy & Solutions, Krassky didn’t come as something groundbreaking personally. However, it’s great to see that people who run and give advice to big companies acknowledge this fact.

Of course, a gigantic salary is a nice bonus, however, a pleasant and inspiring working environment in addition to flexible working hours is just as important as the money you receive at the end of the month. 

I would also like to add that people you work with are just as important because if I wouldn’t have colleagues with whom I could share an occasional laugh, I would go crazy.

#3: There is true power in togetherness

There is no magic formula that explains success. And if you’re running in a big company, you should be asking yourself not “how to get that first million?” but “do I really know what’s going on with my employees?”. Because success is not made in ivory towers. It’s made by working together. 

Therefore, in order to make the company successful, it’s important that people who are a part of it work together and learn that great things come to those who use joint power to reach goals. 

This lesson comes from Debbie Forster, CEO, Tech Talent Charter. She encouraged big companies to be more inclusive and come together, as this will help to achieve better results in the future.

So, to stay ahead of the game remember – collaboration is the key.

#4: The achievements should count. Not pregnancy, marriage status, etc.

This lesson came from Eglė Čiuoderienė, Business Development Executive, Baltic Amadeus. She stressed that it’s very important to break the glass ceiling when it comes to women working in the ICT scene.

But how is this possible if we’re living in a culture women are celebrated to get back in shape or to win competitions a few months after giving birth? Eglė stated that as long as people continue to put attention to women’s birth, marriage, or social media status instead of her achievements, nothing is going to change.

Therefore, if a woman is thriving for success in ICT or any other field she should be evaluated not because of her marriage or family status. She should be evaluated for her accomplishments, experience, and motivation. And when this happens, we’ll know that there is no glass ceiling above us.

#5: It’s important to surround yourself with people who inspire you 

And lastly, I would like to share the lesson from Triin Mahlakõiv, Co-founder, North Star AI. In her presentation about habits that will take your career in tech to new heights, she mentioned that you should surround yourself with the people who believe in you, inspire you, and challenge you in the best way possible. 

In addition, Triin also suggested an idea that I will definitely try out. She said that it’s very important to find yourself a mentor who’s leading the life that you want for yourself in the future. 

She encouraged the public to reach out to these people and ask them questions about how they got to the place they are now, what lessons they learned along the way, etc.  

So, Beyoncé, please check your inbox. Wink wink.

Final words

So, how do I feel after all of these great lessons from Riga Comm? To be honest, I’m relieved.

Why you might ask? Because I realized that the business and tech scene is not made up only by cold numbers and statements. It’s made by inspiring and passionate people who love and care about what they do. 

And after all of these valuable lessons and presentations, I have to say that I’m even more curious and ready to explore this subject even further.

So, see you in the next Riga Comm?

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