July 2020 publicity recap: Post-lockdown reality and the lessons learned

July 2020 publications were all about the lessons learned during the lockdown. Take a look at how we managed to get some of them published!

It went from “Oh, look, it’s July already” to “Wait, it’s not July anymore” pretty fast. When thinking about content that gained publicity over the past month, there’s a noticeable pattern. As obvious as it may be, lockdown stories are hitting all-time highs on the charts of publicity, and luckily, we’ve kept up with the undeniable trend.

Despite the pandemic not being over anytime soon, the lockdown has left the conversation in many chats. Although that hasn’t drawn the end of social distancing for safety and health reasons, the end of the lockdown has given space to formulate the most important takeaways from the recent reality, and useful content has emerged from it. 

A leader with literal COVID-19 experience

Besides facing the lockdown and the inevitable fatigue brought by social distancing and restrictions, unfortunately some have had the chance to meet the virus face to face. For individuals who’ve been blessed enough to conquer the COVID-19 infection without any complications, the experience has brought valuable conclusions and given soil for new ideas. 

Our client, the online investment platform Twino, was featured in a Forbes article about how the pandemic experience has changed leadership approaches. The founder of the Twino platform, Armands Broks, was the second case in Latvia to successfully recover from the COVID-19 infection. His experience brought him a dose of empathy towards those employees who need the flexibility to maintain both physical and mental health on a daily basis. 

Read the full article, where Armands shares his conclusions alongside other startup founders : 

Being aware of the various needs of employees and adding more flexibility to work conditions may be some of the most valuable benefits the lockdown has brought to office culture. 

Remote work environment sheds a light on time tracking apps

Keeping up the productivity at work is never too easy. When the work environment hits some unknown waters, transforming one’s dining table or living room couch into a remote office, well, to say that it adds some struggle to workday be as if to say nothing at all.

However, workers aren’t the only ones struggling. Employers and managers who’ve never even thought about tracking their employees’ working time have been also facing new challenges. How to know if their teams are actually working, and how to maintain and manage the flexibility of remote work schedules? Luckily, there is such a thing as automated work time tracking. 

A long-term client of ours, the automated time tracking software company DeskTime, was featured in an article about free time tracking apps on business.com. Read the full article here:

We’ve been using the DeskTime app here at Truesix for a long time. We’ve found that tracking work time has a bunch of benefits such as increased productivity, efficiency, and awareness of our work. From the employees’ point of view, it gives a valuable overview of working habits and helps A LOT with time management. 

Moving forward with “Ahead of the curve”

As you may have read in our June 2020 publicity recap, we’ve been working alongside the Investment and Development Agency of Latvia for some time now. The Ahead of the curve campaign has been moving at full speed in July. 

We managed to cover topics ranging from wireless smart thermometers that make mass temperature monitoring possible during the COVID-19 outbreak to travel advice for potential visitors of Latvia. Here’s how that went (click on the links to visit the publications):

Since its start, the Ahead of the curve campaign has given us many opportunities to broaden our content creating horizons thanks to the variety of fields that we’ve covered within the project. Although, many of the topics have been quite unusual for us, stepping out of the comfort zone is always a valuable experience. 

As the summer moves into its final month, besides keeping up the good work we’re up for catching the very best of what the warm season has left in store. Be it a sunny weekend at the beach, a hike through the local forests, or going to a socially distant open-air concert – turns out that it’s not always necessary to travel far to unwind. Why not give a chance to local tourism, as it’s full of surprising discoveries. And, of course, stay healthy and safe!

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